Rev. Kathy Kiuna

Reverend Kathy Kiuna of Jesus Christian Centre (JCC) sent social media into a frenzy after she made a promise to her followers that they would each own brand new cars before end of the year, 2017.

She made the post in November last year as she used the hashtag #40DaysOfGlory to spread the message on Twitter.

It was, however, her prophesy of new cars for her followers that excited Kenyans:

Fast forward, it is six days into the New Year, 13 days late, after her promised 40 days and her followers’ are still waiting for their cars.

Well, the Kiuna’s are not new to controversy. As their followers waited for cars, Bishop Allan Kiuna, husband to Reverend Kathy Kiuna, stirred up things with a confession that he was planning on getting a jet.

His reason? It is tedious flying Business Class from continent to continent.

As he waits for his jet, so are their followers for their cars.

Most of the netizens, however, took over the prophesy post and sarcastically started questioning if indeed they were ever going to get the prophesised cars: