Shiks Kapienga with MC Jesse

Hot 96 radio presenter Shiks Kapienga has shed light on alleged rumour that she was dating popular Churchill comdian, MC Jesse.

Speaking to Ebru TV on the Lets Talk show hosted by Pierra, Brenda Wairimu and Ella, Kapienga she shed light on the whole story.

After threatening to walk out after Pierra asked her about the alleged relationship with Jesse.

"About my personal life sitakuja tu nirushe tu hapa muione...nikikuja nipate story ka hio mi huchorea, Guy's called actually me names on Instagram,guys called me things and its fine,you can stick at your own opinion,.. its mimi, na jijua its fine," she said.

Kapienga categorically stated he would not comment on the matter as was private and would not splash it out on social media.

Shiks also asked guys to keep their personal lives private

The rumor mill had run on overdrive over claims that the two had been having a thing for a while and kept it a secret.