Photo: Twitter/Andy_kariuki

Kenyan men have taken to twitter to express their preferences while denouncing some habits of Kenyan women under the hash tag: #KenyanLadiesListenUp.

The hash tag is quickly topping the trending topics on the social media platform.

The men have decided to give the ladies a piece of their mind on matters love and relationships, fashion, beauty, education among many others

Here are samples of the tweets put under related themes:

Love and relationships

Sammie Keige: If your man must be Tall, Dark and Handsome then be ready to be the 2nd best because what you desire, others’ seek too.

Shayoh F. Baby: We marry brains and not faces and booties "speak for yourself, others prefer the entire package.

JustinMugwimi: Good men are hard to find.

JustinnLaw: Trey Songz is not Kenyan, it’s high time you started crushing with Smart Joker

KananaBresam: If he has never taken a picture with you, stop forcing PHOTOGRID to bring you together

Brenda Kanana: A man's money should not be a ladder to success but in any case it should be a BONUS. Live independently.

SammieKeige: The way to a man’s heart is no longer his stomach, men too can cook, but rather it is the quality of your brain.

Beauty, brains and fashion

Bett_k_Max: You can't be such great jokers to leave your 'futures' behind LOL

Amoke_Jnr: In short wacha kubleach the darker you are the brighter your future the lighter you are the darker your future

KiachthaOG:  Ati you want to be married by an angel and yet you are living on planet earth. One of your 5 senses aint working

Kavash:  The more intelligent and ambitious you are the more attractive you become.

Daverazy: You want a hot body? Set yourself on fire!

The tweets are still coming in fast and furious. If your view isn’t represented, join the conversation via #KenyanLadiesListenUp