A gunned down thug with strange paraphernalia on his waist.

Criminals in Nairobi have resorted to sleeping in coffins to ward off police bullets.

A year ago, The Nairobian established that city thugs often sleep inside dark coffins for up to 30 minutes to make them ‘invisible and immortal’.

The rituals are carried out by a renowned witch doctor, whose clientele continue to increase by the day.

The Nairobian also established that some criminals often cross the border to neighbouring Uganda to undergo strange rituals to increase their fortunes.

 The trick was revealed by a popular police officer who often warns criminals on social media to give up their wayward ways or be dispatched to their maker.

The officer posted a warning on social media reading: “A number of youth are now being deceived that they will succeed in their robberies and become invisible after visiting a witchdoctor who locks them in coffins for 30 minutes then forces them to drink a glass of blood daily.”

“Such youth are going as far as Uganda to be locked in coffins, but we tell them to work hard and eat their sweat, try your monkey business keeping in mind that you will meet with the bullet (sic).”

One of the undercover cops tasked with tracking the thugs, among them, members of outlawed Gaza gangs corroborated this even as members of the gang are shifting to other towns.

“For more than three months now, those shot dead are found with strange paraphernalia. But what shocked us is how one of them who survived claimed to have undergone the coffin ritual,” said the undercover cop.

He added that: “He told us how they were promised ‘invisibility’ and that all their robbery plans would succeed even in the harshest and most dangerous environments.

Police said witch doctors make thousands of shillings by hoodwinking criminals that they can make them ‘immortal’.

“I want to warn young men who have decided to undergo this primitive ritual thinking that it will shield them from our bullets. They are mistaken. Our bullets will not fail,” a police officer warned.