The Black Book

There were several ways of dealing with indiscipline cases in school back in the day when corporal punishment was the order of the day.

For fighting in class, the culprits received ‘six of the best’ directed slightly beneath the butt, but not quite to the knees. The pain ensured you sat with one quarter of your butt cheek for one week!

Noisemakers were forced to touch their ears with their hands slipped between their legs at the knees as they knelt. 

This torturous position meant their butts were pointed towards the sky. The classroom floor got wet with tears from the pain, which was worse than being told to stand on one leg with both hands up.

But there was no bigger scare in school than being threatened that your name would be included in the ‘Black Book' if you didn’t cobble your wayward ways.

Being in the Black Book was worse than featuring in the 'Red Book,’ which was reserved for students who were basically ‘approved school’ material.

The funny thing is, no one ever saw the Black Book or knew whose names were included there, since no leaving certificate ever mentioned it!