The driver of “Mbappe” plying Rongai-Nairobi

Commuters aboard 14-seater KCD 867B dubbed “Mbappe” plying Rongai-Nairobi are unhappy with the matatu crew for threats and attempting to swindle them.

On August 10 the matatu under Nkikan left town at around 6pm but broke down near bypass where their two-hour suffering played out after the conductor fled with their change.

Worse, the vehicle manager who was aboard disregarded their pleas and even the rude driver picked stones and charged towards them when they demanded their refund.

“Mbappe” plying Rongai-Nairobi


Past 8pm the duo was still unwilling to assist them but unrelenting passengers managed to get their refunds but not after they threatened to revenge on some commuters when they will encounter them.

Over to you Nkikan management take disciplinary action on this crew.