Aden Duale and Nazlin Umar
  • Leader of Majority in the National Assembly Aden Duale can be softened by puppy love
  • This is after a recording of him ‘tuning’ Nazlin Umar surfaced
  • In the recording, Duale pleads for a place in Nazlin’s heart
  • Duale, a Muslim, is allowed to marry up to four women

Aden Duale, the abrasive and tough talking Leader of Majority in the National Assembly, can be softened by puppy love if the audio recordings in our possession are anything to go by.

The ‘pillow talk’ recordings star Duale, the Garissa Town MP and Nazlin Umar Rajput, the fetching former presidential aspirant and founder chair of the National Muslim Council of Kenya.  

Duale has a penchant for throwing acidic barbs at his political enemies, and almost came to blows with former Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto during a political rally in 2016 when he told him, “Hii pesa si ya mama yako bwana!” in reference to Ruto’s push to devolve funds from the National Government to the counties through his Pesa Mashinani drive.

But the mushy swapping with Nazlin reveals his romantic side as he pleads for a place in her heart, even as she demands a house and a spanking new Toyota Lexus.  

 The 10-minute recording reveals that the two lovebirds were in an intense three-year affair which the bombshell wanted to end due to that not-so-small matter of Duale not spending quality time with her.

Duale, a Muslim, is allowed to marry up to four women. Nazlin, a mother of four, is single. Her ex-hubby, Mohammed Haroon Khan, succumbed to cancer in January 2017.

Nazlin Umar

In the steamy recording, Duale pleads with Nazlin, making her swear she loves him while beseching her to reconsider ending their affair with promises of  buying her anything she wants.

Once down with the mushy declarations, they then get into a verbal tiff in which Duale asks Nazlin why she had previously called him a dog.

“You called me a dog, and you love me, why do you call me a dog? Can you love a dog?”

 Nazlin apologises, but insists it’s Duale who pushed her to the wall. 

Reached for comment by The Nairobian, Duale refused to comment while Nazlin could also not be reached as she didn’t pick calls or reply to our text messages by the time of going to press.  

Below is an excerpt of their conversation:

 Aden Duale: How are you my love?

Nazlin Umar: Asalaam Aleikum.

Duale: Si you would love to hear my voice…. Sema?

Nazlin: Ummh.

Duale: I have asked you if you still love me and you said yes, so I had to call and confirm that. Baby, I love you. Do you love me?

Nazlin: (sexily) Adeeeen!

Duale: Do you love me? I am asking you a question.

Nazlin: I have answered you… just tore me into pieces.

Duale: I am asking, do you love me?

Nazlin: You didn’t even listen to my audios. There is so much hurt.

Duale: No, you know I told you I’m very sorry and I have a problem with my phone. I can’t hear any audio.

Nazlin: But last week you heard them...

Duale: No, No, No. I don’t know what happened. I can’t even …even if I go to... even uhhh some of the things on YouTube. I can’t listen to them. The voice is not there (sic), the pictures are there. So do you love me?

Nazlin: Adaaan!

Duale: Do you love me? Yes or No! Then I will ask you another question.

Nazlin: Uhhhhhhh, regardless of everything?

Duale: No, no nooooo! You love me?

Nazlin: (Sighs) Yes!

Duale: I can’t hear you my baby, do you love me?

Nazlin: Yes.

Duale: How much do you love me?

Nazlin: Adaaan!

Duale: where are you, at home?

Nazlin: Mmmmmmh.

Duale: You know I had to step out of a meeting, just to go to my office to call you.

You know at time I want to call you but I can’t talk to you when I’m with my drivers, my bodyguards and all.

Nazlin: No, no! I can’t hear these excuses anymore. You, you…

Duale: No, no, no am just saying…. whether you accept or not, it’s not different, but I cannot talk to you the way I want to talk to you when I’m with people….in my car. So do you love me? Do you love me, seriously?

Nazlin: Mmmmmmh, yes Adan. Three years Adan, haven’t you seen that?

Duale: I love you so much. And I will do anything for you. Tell me what do I do for you to prove that I love you. Today. Tell me!

Nazlin: When I say…

Duale: (Interjects) what do you want me to do to show you that I love you too?

Nazlin: Adan, there are so many things…

Duale: Just tell me one or two.

Nazlin: I don’t know what to say, I don’t feel we are all that close anymore.

Duale: No, no, no, no! Just tell me what I should do to show you that I love you?

Nazlin: Uuhhhhh...

Duale: Because me I love you and I want to show you that I do (sic).

Nazlin: (In a sexy tone) Honeeey…!

Duale: Now what is wrong with you, what is wrong with you my dear?

Nazlin: I don’t know…

 Duale: What do I do for you, to show that this guy loves you?

Nazlin: I only want to undo all the wrong...

Duale: Tell me how do I undo that? I’m ready because I love you and if I have wronged you, I have apologised. I am very sorry, I’m very sorry.

Nazlin: I want to hear it in your voice. You are going all over the country doing nothing and you have left me abandoned like this in so much pain.

Duale: No, no, no! I love you, I love you and that is why I say it.

Nazlin: But why don’t you show it?

Duale: How do you want me to show it my love?

Nazlin: Even after the fault, you know, why would you want to be part of me for a second?

Duale: No, no! Just tell me. I love you and I asked what do I do for you? One thing you have to agree, last week I had a hectic time in Parliament with all those election laws and all that.

Nazlin: I am healing on my own Adan. I am without you (starts crying).

Duale:  (Interjects) My dear, my dear, my dear, you understand my position. I just came to a car park. I’m a national figure, I am known and I don’t want… know?

Nazlin: Adan, Adan, your bodyguards are your confidants.

Duale: No, they are not! You know it.

Nazlin: Okay, buy us a beautiful home!

Duale: You know what? Eeh, you know what? Let me tell you...

Nazlin: There’s no other way.

Duale: All my political life, I have had a personal space between my bodyguards and drivers. You know that. Even you wouldn’t allow me to have bodyguards who are... whatever you do they see. Yeah, my dear you must understand.

Nazlin: Yeah, but something like this for us now? How is it going to work?

Duale: Yeah.

Nazlin: . Ok, buy us a beautiful home, listen… buy us a beautiful home! Our home.

 Duale: (Doubtful silence, voice fading, replies in a whisper) Yeah!

Nazlin: By now with all that pampering, you could have parked a Lexus outside my door and said, Nazlin, that’s for you, just to make you feel you belong to Aden Duale. Whatever you do...

Duale: (Love has faded from the voice, he weakly replies) No...eehhmm.. OK! Let me look for some little money. How do I deliver it to you?