one pant leg rolled up was cool

Forget those wearing torn jeans or faded dirty shorts. Forget even those with matted beards and afro hairdo.

Crouch hugging trousers and even dyed hair was nothing compared to the thuggish coolness of those who rolled up one side of their pant legs to somewhere below the knees.

That was in the age before the cell phone and internet. City lads and lasses sauntered in a spring all over city estates sporting cargo pants and trainers all rolled up on one side!

This fad originated from American bike messengers who rolled up to avoid their pants from being caught up in bike chains!

This ridiculous fashion trend caught the eye of gangster rappers and gradually reached down these shores when musicians like LL Cool J made them appear cool weekend wear in his Hey Lover hip-hop video.

The most comical copycats were Kenyans who rolled up one side of their baggy jeans that never quite folded properly.

Rolling up leg pants became fashionable in the age of jungle boots and Reebok sneakers, and what better way to show them off than via rolling one side of the pants!