What we expect influences our behaviour

Human beings are predisposed to expect bad things to happen. We readily believe bad and negative reports about ourselves and about others more eagerly and easily than good.

And everything we hear inevitably creates an expectation of sorts. That is why to guard what we hear is a crucial part of the wisdom for determining the outcomes of our destiny.

What we expect influences our behaviour. In other words, once we expect something to happen, our behaviour, thoughts, and reactions will actually contribute to making that expectation occur.

That is why God is very careful to supply us with expectation of good in the form of hope, so that our lives can be tuned in the direction of good things.

To expect something better permits us to silence the current unpalatable situations and amplify the voice of hope.

To stretch our hand into the future and lay a hold of a brighter, better and bigger experience renders the shame, the embarrassment and the failure of yesterday powerless over our lives.

Without expectation, we are bound by the disesteem, the indignity and the humiliation of life; but by it, the vicissitudes of life line up to salute and honor our dreams.

What we lack is not the power to move life in the direction of our dreams, it is the inability to create an expectation of the future that is compelling enough to demand our progress!

In the presence of expectation, your past no longer has a voice — time no longer allows it the legitimacy to speak. The only privilege that the past has is to be relived in created moments and memories.

And the things which we see with the naked eye, be it in our present or past, hold no water in the presence of our faith. We do not live by sight, we live by conviction about a brighter tomorrow.

Poverty, sickness and debasement may be your current location but your heart of expectation must learn to constantly travel to riches, health, affluence and influence and create a room for you there.

Expectation looks to the future. It is not choreographed by the past or the occurrences of yesterday which we can no longer control.

By expectation, we are able to hang onto life despite the fact that the life portion that has already been lived may not have worked to our favor. It is expectation that allows us to plan, to know and indeed to live.

It permits us to dare believe that though our beginning was small, yet our latter days shall greatly increase. Expectation is the preservative that holds us together while we wait, while we endure and while we stand through tough processes of becoming better people.

To expect good is to hold ourselves together until we see that good come to pass!

Expectation is built on the premise of a promise. The hope of improvement of today’s experiences can only come when we hear of a report or a promise of a better place than where we are.

Promises come bearing hope and true hope is never disappointed. To be able to bank on expectation, we ought to train and position ourselves at the place where credible voices can speak a better tomorrow into our ears - long enough for us to assimilate it, believe it and pursue it.

 Without a promise, we don’t have the down payment that expectation needs for it to shift our lives. That is why to plan a bright future and to declare it loudly is almost always the initial step towards achieving it.

Be careful what you prophesy over yourself, be cautious what you speak about yourself, because you are listening.

When you locate expectation, you cannot postpone or backdate your joy, the power of expectation should birth in you the strength to hold onto life even in the face of death.

The future good must always be bigger, better and stronger than the past bad. You should never judge tomorrow based on

yesterday, and even in the midst of unintended consequences of past errors, yesterday and tomorrow don’t have to be related. Expectation will breed in your today, the grace, the strength, the will power and the focus necessary to convert all your past disappointments into appointments with destiny! I believe that expectation should introduce to us today the joy of what we expect even before it materializes in the physical, tomorrow.

You must keep inspiring your expectation until negative reports and the negative results cease to have the final say in your life.

 By the power of hope, you can rejoice in advance even when the reality of your life is at odds with the revelation in your head about a glorious future. To keep hope alive means we locate for ourselves a steady supply of good expectation.

Present realities of pain, sorrow, brokenness, hustling, rejection, addictions or whatever nature of unwelcome experiences, stand no ground in the face of hope and the expectation of good.

Hopelessness is the breeding ground for stagnation, but hope brings to us growth and progress, even when the rain of life seems to take long to come by.

Expect good things to happen to you. Participate in conversations that build that and not the converse of it. I believe in tomorrow, I believe in hope, but better still, I believe in expectation!