His is such a sensitive a job to be left to a man who thinks only his opinions count. He is too drunk with power for such a small post.

If we did a poll on who is the most hated and despised Kenyan at the moment, there is no doubt that Ezekiel Mutua will be the winner. Mutua offends more people than he intends to appease with his one-man war on what he thinks are declining morals in the country.

He recently posted a picture of his diplomatic passport with an American visa online, attracting so much public ridicule that saw the Immigration Department revoke it (I hope this is not a public relations gimmick). For a man of his age, that was new a low. Even teenagers don't stoop that low.

A man of Mutua's age should act and behave in a way that can make his grandchildren happy. He has no reason whatsoever to comment on everything on social media. His views are too agrarian, too distasteful, and too 18th century. It hurts that he is a journalist, yet practioners in this profession are supposed to be modernist, exposed and widely travelled. Mutua is clearly not widely travelled. Those who are will not take pictures of themselves on planes enroute to Los Angeles. The smarmy look on his face told everything you need to know about his vanity.

Mutua is too much of an attention seeker. Real men ain't like that. I loathe a man who gets excited about boarding a plane. We all hate men who have opinions on everything. I detest men who in the 21st century are not tolerant of divergent views.

The conduct of Mutua as a public official is wanting. His is such a sensitive a job to be left to a man who thinks only his opinion and views count. He is too drunk with power for such a small post. Even the Pope, who heads the biggest organisation in the world, is humble, tolerant and cool.

As a public official, Mutua is supposed to serve all Kenyans, regardless of their religious leanings, political beliefs or sexual orientation. He has been called the self-appointed morality chief, but what he doesn't know is that Kenyans are very modern and the bad old days he pines for are gone.

He made a lot of fuss about the meeting atheists were planning about raising godless children. What he forgets is that the trend worldwide among young people is that they have become deeply cynical of organised religion. And we all know Kenyans are not as religious as Mutua assumes.

With the advent of conmen posing as preachers and the crass materialism peddled by modernist churches too engrossed in prosperity gospel (as opposed to converting more souls), Kenyans have a reason to be skeptical. Younger Kenyans can see through the charade. Our leaders who are very religious tend to do things that are contrary to religious teachings; such as land-grabbing, corruption, keeping mistresses, you name it.

If you are a Christian like me, you have to be tolerant. If there is anyone you think is straying or leading a lifestyle that you think is contrary to biblical teachings, you pray for them. Nobody seeks Mutua's opinion on stuff. He rams it down our throats. And that, is very sad indeed.

Mutua's job basically is to guard our children and vulnerable adults from accessing any inappropriate content (mostly nudity, vulgarity or too much violence). If he was any creative, he would use his position to help the ailing film industry to rise from its current deplorable state.

But people like Mutua kill dreams, they never nurture them because he is too close-minded for a job that needs creativity and open-mindedness. Besides, he is just too old for the direction the world is moving towards.

He is giving our very cool president such a bad name.


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