The world is too dangerous for a woman whose sense of judgement has been compromised

I don’t know at what point in our nation’s brief history we allowed women to start drink alcohol. Even worse, I can’t even figure out when married women were allowed to drink anything stronger than coffee. Lately, I see women vomiting, staggering, fighting, and seducing men in clubs like it is a birth right.

It is wrong for married women to drink alcohol. Period. There are no two ways of arguing this. If you claim that you are a liberal and therefore have no problem with married women drinking, you are part of the problem bedevilling Kenya today. There is nothing modern or open-minded about women drinking. That is how civilizations get destroyed.

I will be blunt today. If your wife drinks alcohol and you are cool with it, that marriage won’t survive and history has proven it already. Alcohol is bad for women and the sooner we accept this self-evident fact, the better for us, that is if we are really interested in a cohesive society.

We have been enslaved by political correctness to the extent that we can no longer tell each other the truth. The result is that we are destroying the society and nobody seems the least bothered, except for lone prophets like me, who may as well be preaching to stones.

Every time I see a woman drinking herself silly, I wish I had lived in earlier centuries to avoid witnessing this madness. I can’t believe that married women today, mothers for whom bride price was paid, are also addicted to alcohol. Yet their stupid husbands are cool with it, all in the spirit of being modern.

Alcohol clouds our sense of judgement. The world is too dangerous for a woman whose sense of judgement has been compromised. For instance, date rapes are now almost an acknowledged national disaster in colleges in the US. Even here in Kenya, there are women who have had sex with men they would otherwise not look at twice, simply because they were unconscious or too drunk to care.

Many a family has been ruined by an alcoholic father. Imagine if the mother also drinks. The stability of families is dependent on women. We should therefore not try to explain this with the weak excuse that “men drink too.” Men can be stupid and mediocre but, is that an excuse for women to be stupid and mediocre too? Parenting and partying are mutually exclusive. Partying has to give way to parenting.

In the aftermath of the Beijing Conference, we opened the bar to married women on grounds of equality, but drinking and parenting are not pawns for a meaningless equality contest. I mean, the 20 years since then have been disastrous across all social classes. Women cannot run away from their responsibility of nurturing lives.

As a society, even as we become more and more consumerist, we must not allow the advertising industry that has cashed millions from making women feel insecure about their faces and bodies, to sneak into the alcohol industry. Nowadays, I see women ordering choice whisky because they too deserve something strong. Something to make a statement.

Drinking or smoking are shallow markers of equality and freedom for women. Besides ruining their health, more young women are wasting their productive years and bodies drinking too much. Then they’ll one day realise they are 37 and no man willing to marry then.

The same way women expect their husbands to be rich and handsome, is the way men are attracted to women who hate the smell of alcohol

For married men, the only time your wife should smell of alcohol is on Valentine’a Day, in which case half a glass of wine is enough. If she is Catholic, the sacrament wine is permitted too. Beyond that, she must never ever touch alcohol. Your kids need a sober mother.


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