Joker movie official poster (Courtesy)

If you haven’t watched the movie Joker, you are missing out. It is the craziest thing you’ll ever watch.

For those wondering who Joker is and why there’s a lot of fuss about him, he is a mega classic DC Comics villain, loved by most and misunderstood by many.

Joker, as played by Joaquin Phoenix, is the ultimate representation of chaos and anarchy in society and the constant obsession of upsetting social order in all the movies.

The movie Joker gives the chronology of the supervillain’s warped life, breaking points and his first kill to mass murders.

Joker’s life is set up around bullies, an abusive and deranged mother, poverty, a pipe dream in comedy and depression. His whole life is drama after drama and he finds solace in crime.

The movie is a real depiction of our day to day lives, the simple things in life we tend to ignore gravely play an active role in moulding our true characters.

Every step and misstep takes us to a certain level of our lives, but the best thing to learn from the movie is that an unhappy life is a wasted life.

Other than Joker’s somewhat irritating laughing disorder and the slow plot, the movie is quite interesting, if you enjoy watching the ills of society. The visual effects are wonderful and the humor is on point.

“Knock.. Knock… You wanna hear another joke?”