Nominate someone you think deserves the phone [Photo: Courtesy]

Father’s day is coming up. The truth is, many people are quick to relate to Mothers’ Day as compared to Fathers’ Day. Things are changing, and the day is becoming popular as years scroll by, especially in Kenya.

To many people, the day is about appreciating a “father’s figure” in a family. It is a day to reflect and realize how important they are in our lives or the lives of your families.

During this day, some people choose to recognize their biological fathers, husbands, big brothers, or anyone who played the role of a father in someone’s life.

There is no better feeling than seeing someone you helped bring into this world grow to succeed and always show appreciation for a mark you might have left in their lives. They say success is now how fast one runs to reach the finishing line but how many people one helps to reach the finishing line.

This year’s Fathers’ Day is coming at a time the world is facing the Covid-19 pandemic. The strange flu is sweeping across the world, and everyone is feeling the heat.

Businesses have shut down, people have lost their jobs, and savings are running out. There is little hope in the majority of people but there is nothing that is keeping people together more than family.

OPPO A92 [Photo: Courtesy]

The current pandemic, however, presents a challenge to young fathers. A proud young father will always want to be there for the child and take them places so that they can enjoy every moment. Sadly, restrictions in the movement do not allow that luxury anymore.

It is also not common for young fathers to be appreciated. By who? The infant? No way. Maybe by their wives, but in the event they forget, the day slides by unnoticed. Is there hope of a new father being appreciated this fathers’ day? Yes.

Giant smartphone maker, OPPO, is out to appreciate young fathers in Kenya by gifting them a brand new OPPO A92. In a campaign tagged Shine A light on a FatherOPPO is calling on online enthusiasts to nominate a young father aged between 20 and 28 years for them to walk away with OPPO A92.

All one needs to do is to nominate someone they think deserves the phone, post it on social media while tagging OPPO using #ShineUpYourMoment.

OPPO A92 comes with a large capacity of 8GB RAM+128GB ROM and 5000mAh Battery, it levels up the fundamental capabilities. Together with magnificent 1080P Neo-Display and 48MP AI Quad Camera, OPPO A92 stands out as a full package, offering trendy and dynamic technologies, design, and experience.