Otile Brown [Photo: Courtesy]

Popular Kenyan RnB singer Jacob Obunga, better known as Otile Brown, is madly in love with his Ethiopian girlfriend, Nabayet.

Gushing over his girlfriend during an interview with comedian Jalang'o on his YouTube channel Jalang’o Mwenyewe, the award-winning musician revealed that despite being in past relationships, Nabayet is the only woman he can confidently say he has fallen in love with.

Despite his love for Nabayet, Otile went on to explain that the Ethiopian beauty often dismisses him as a joker.

“My last relationship, vitu vilitokea na wanawake wakanielewa kwamba, I’m ruthless, mimi ni mtu ambaye ikifika kwa mademu sijatulia. So when we first got into the relationship, she wasn’t sure about, like it did not matter how much I tell her nakupenda, and thats why I went and sang Nabayet, whatever I sang on Nabayet is all true.

“Because I don’t think I have ever loved a woman, the way I love that chick, coz ni mwanamke ambaye hana story mingi. She will never bother you. She that type of a woman ukimkosea atalia, she will just cry. So it was always a struggle, like so many times we are having the same discussion. Any time I tell her I really care about you, I love you, anasema, “No”, you are just playing with me,” said Otile.

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Although Nabayet is currently in Australia where she and her family reside and because of the global coronavirus pandemic cannot travel into the country, Otile explained that he has found a way that has prevented him from cheating and according to him, she approves 100%.

“Tunanyonga tu! Utafanya nini sasa! Nikimsubiri na anasupport mnyongo huo, amasema keep doing what you are doing. Anajua with that now, at least boy wake nimetulia.”

Pampering girlfriend

When Nabayet is in the country, however, Otile does the most to come up with ways to take care of her and pamper her by cooking for her and feeding her, an attribute the singer believes does not make him less of a man.

“My woman has never cooked whenever she is here, I always cook, you know people don’t know how nice I am when it comes to my love life. Mimi ndo napika and she is just there seating pretty na ni kwa sababu nimechagua kufanya hivyo. Do you know hajawahi shika hata chakula na mkono, I feed her and it has nothing to do with sijui umekaliwa chapati, I have chosen to do that because I really love this woman. Naona kuna mafisi wengine huku nyuma wanatoa tu gangster points,” said Otile.

Otile and Nabayet got together not long after his nasty split with socialite turned businesswoman Vera Sidika who accused him of extorting money from her and riding on her fame.

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The couple’s union, just like other relationships have been through the test of time. Not long after going public, the two parted ways going ahead to delete each other posts on their respective social media pages before settling their dispute and giving their relationship another shot.