Khumalo in action [Photo: Courtesy]

President Uhuru Kenyatta was a subject of memes ahead of his June 6, 2020, national address.

Anxious Kenyans took to social media and creatively attempted to pre-empt the head of state’s address on the fate of Covid-19 restrictions, including the night curfew, across the country.

One widely-shared meme was of him juxtaposed against Ntomb'khona Dlamini's song Freedom Is Coming Tomorrow -a popular antiapartheid hit from the 1992 movie Sarafina.

In the 13 second clip, Uhuru is seen laughing off the animated chant of freedom by the movie’s starSarafina, played by Durban-born legend Leleti Khumalo.

Responding to it in his address, Uhuru, amidst a laugh or two, said calls for ‘freedom’ were off the mark as there is continued rise in the number of Covid-19 cases in counties such as Nairobi.

“I have seen a lot of memes. ‘Freedom or Independence Day’ has nothing to do with it, it is about lives. We are not doing this (cessation of movements) to hurt anyone, but to protect lives. It is better to live than to party once and die,” said Uhuru.

As if on cue, netizens similarly took to humour in unpacking his speech.

President Uhuru Kenyatta responds to ‘Freedom is Coming’ memes