Vesha [Photo: Instagram]

Akothee’s eldest daughter Vesha Shaillan Okello is in hospital.

While it is not clear what Vesha is ailing from, the singer shared a video and photos of the 22-year-old in a ward recuperating.

In one of the posts on her Instagram account, Akothee stated that she was away when Vesha was taken ill and appreciated her other daughter Rue for stepping up.

“It is well my queen @veshashaillan and thanks for standing in for me, I love you all. Sorry I could not make it to you after I picked up Shadrack, the traffic was crazy and I had to turn back and go through Mavueni. Arrived at home about 5.00 pm hungry and tired, see you kesho my love,” posted Akothee.

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When Akothee did see Vesha the next day, she reminisced about what her mother taught her as the remedy when faced with adversity.

“My mom taught me that when the turbulence is overwhelming and the passengers are panicking, the captain opens the book choose a verse in the Bible, read a word of encouragement, sing a praise song, pray and leave the rest to the Almighty. Get well soon,” wrote Akothee.

A moving message that the beauty who was made director of Akothee Safaris and handed a 40% stake in the company when she turned 21 reposted on her page.

“This is so you can pay your bills and fuel your car,” stated the singer, arguably Kenya’s richest entertainer. Vesha had on her 18th birthday received a brand new Mazda Demio.

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The Self-proclaimed president of single mothers in the special 9th June birthday message went on to advise her against falling prey to men who 'disrespect or dictate her happiness'.

According to Akothee, she deserves to be loved and does not owe her children or a husband.

“I can’t promise you a husband because I don't have one too…You don't owe me children or a husband even at 50 I will never ask why you ain't married. Any man who disrespects you should be dumped like some hot pan, never allow any man to dictate your happiness, you deserve to be loved.”