Diddy [Photo: FilmMagic]

Diddy has broken his silence over claims he fat-shamed Juice singer Lizzo.

The 50-year-old rapper made headlines over the weekend after he held a nine-hour Instagram Live to raise vital funds for vulnerable charities across the USA amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The epic dance-a-thon featured an array of different celebrities who all showed off their moves.

Diddy's former flame Jennifer Lopez made an unexpected appearance, as did his musical nemesis Drake, but it was Lizzo's quick stint that got tongues wagging.

While the Truth Hurts singer twerked to Moneybagg Yo's 1 2 3, Diddy decided to completely shut her down as he switched off the music and asked her to stop twerking.

Fans and spectators alike were shocked to hear him tell the plus-sized hit-maker: "It's Easter Sunday - let's play something a little bit family-friendly."

However, when Basketball Wives LA personality Draya Michele twerked to Back That *** Up, Diddy didn't step in to maintain the PG-rating.

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This left followers utterly furious as they slammed the rapper for fat-shaming Lizzo in front of millions of viewers.

Diddy has now responded to claims that he showed a fat-phobic double standard towards the much-loved songstress.

Taking to Instagram, the Come To Me rap artist praised Lizzo by labelling her as one of the "best twerkers in the world".

The rapper has since praised Lizzo by labelling her as one of the "best twerkers in the world" [Photo: Getty Images for Bauer Media]

He explained that it wasn't about the twerking that was taking place, instead, it was the nature and language of the song the singer was shaking her booty to.

The star wrote: "It wasn't about twerking. You're allowed to twerk on Easter.

"It was a lot of cursing in the record and I don't need child services knocking on my door right now, you understand?" he went on.

Despite his brief explanation, Twitter users were left unconvinced as they shared their thoughts on the controversial dilemma.

One user insisted that Diddy should make a more genuine public apology when they shared: "Diddy you owe Lizzo one hell of an epic apology for body shaming her on live when she was trying to twerk. Because when Draya was twerking then he was ok with it."

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While another echoed: "Lizzo started twerking on Diddy's IG live & Diddy said stop, it's Easter Sunday but Draya twerks on that same live & there are no issues. Y'all can't even hide yall disdain for fat women & I hate it."

And a third voiced: "Disgraceful, and sadly, not shocking at all. It's because fat black bodies are considered inappropriate.

While lighter/white skin & thin bodies are seen as appropriate."

"Diddy said he paused Lizzo because the record he chose had 'too much' cursing yet he allowed Draya to twerk to the explicit version of Back Dat AZZ Up which again HE chose and y’all somehow came to the conclusion that his explanation was sufficient. How disgraceful," a fourth wrote.

Lizzo has yet to respond to the situation.