Kibe [Photo: Courtesy]

Radio presenter Andrew Kibe has hit back at trolls after his Instagram live feed with Kamene Goro on April 8 was used against him after he inadvertently exposed the state of his kitchen.

Defending himself after Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) screen-grabbed his Kitchen as he remotely engaged with Goro on how to prepare a meal, Kibe shrugged his critics off as nonstarters.

 According to Kibe, there are more pressing issues such as the containment of the coronavirus pandemic and wondered why Kenyans were picking on his lifestyle at a time of crisis.

He noted that he had expected to trend for whipping out a meal and not for dirty dishes in the sink.

A few days ago, I decided to work on a video; Let me learn how to cook. Who better to teach me? Kamene Goro. So we had a live feed of me showing how I was cooking. The food was delicious. I knew Kibe was going to trend for cooking. But all you saw was dishes? You made me trend over dishes?  That is what we are worried about… Covid-19 is killing people left, right and centre but, no, a pair of dishes is the problem,” said Kibe on Friday, April 10.

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