Queen Darleen and Lava Lava.

Less than a month after news that singer Tanasha Donna and her Tanzanian Baby daddy Diamond Platinumz had parted ways, critics are already coming at her.

Weighing in on the dilemma surrounding their love life, WCB Signee’s Lava Lava and Queen Darleen hit at Tanasha in their new single dubbed “Bachela” for apparently blocking them on social media.

In the controversial song, the two sing about how Tanasha blocked them on social media after parting ways with the WCB boss.

“Kwanza naona mapenzi faida hayana, heri niwe bachela… Queen Darleen acha kunichachafya, heri tu niwe bachela, uliza kilichomkuta Dangote, sijui kagombana na Tanasha ametu-unfollow wote … ndo maana nimetulia, navuta pumzi sitaki kwenda mbio, mambo ya kujifanya hodari ati mjuzi…” sings Lava Lava.

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In response, Diamond’s sister Queen Darleen takes a swipe at Tanzanian blogger Juma Lokole for always highlighting break up stories.

“Mapenzi ya sikuhizi shemeji Lokole muongoza umbea mkigombana tu kashatease insta nzima imeshaenea bora niwe bachela… tukiachana na yote mimi bado sikuungi mkono, wasafi wote mnaonekana mnapenda ngono,” she sings.

For the past few weeks, Diamond and Tanasha have been the talk of the town after their alleged break up. Tanasha fueled the claims after unfollowing Diamond and his family on social media, before coming back to Kenya and announcing that she is back for good.

Tanasha Donna.

As if that was not enough, she edited out Diamond’s name from her son’s profile, an indication that she was cutting links with Diamond and his family.

Naseeb Junior’s profile used to read, “Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz’s son” but following the standoff between the two, Donna removed Diamond’s name and now it only reads, “Tanasha Donna’s son.” She also went on ranting on the gram, promising to tell her story through her music.

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Fuelling break-up rumours, Tanasha also recently came out to criticize Diamond’s newest song, Jeje. According to her, the Tanzanian Bongo star doesn’t have to feature naked women twerking in his songs to make hits.

A day after the break-up rumour went viral, Tanasha took to Instagram to encourage her fans to never pay back a wrong with another wrong.

“When people wrong you never wrong them back. You can only fight evil with good. You will sleep better at night knowing all along you were real, genuine, loyal and not fake, as you sit back and relax for their karma to hit them,” Tanasha wrote.