Kenyans had some interesting questions for the search engine, including how to get pregnant!

Every year, Google aggregates the most asked questions by users on the platform based on their country of origin.

According to Google’s year in search 2019, Kenyans had some interesting questions for the search engine, including how to get pregnant!

Here’s a breakdown of the 10 most popular ‘how to’ searches conducted by Kenyans:

10. How to get pregnant

Believe it or not, Kenyans actually looked up how one can get pregnant. While many might assume the answer to the query is obvious, it would seem some Kenyans need clarifications. According to data by Google, most of those who posed the question were based around Nairobi and its environs. A lot of the searches on how to get pregnant were conducted between June 2-8, with others asking ‘how to get pregnant faster.’

9. How to check KCPE results 2019

Education CS George Magoha during the realese of the 2019 KCPE results.

On 18 November, Education CS George Magoha released the results of the highly-anticipated 2019 KCPE examinations prompting searches on how to access the results. This spiked a day prior to their release, till November 23.  

The top student, Andy Michael Munyiri from Damacrest Schools in Thogoto score 440 marks while three candidates tied in the second position. Results were accessed by simply texting ‘Index Number KCPE’ to 20076.

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8. How to check CRB status

In recent times, Kenya has a seen a rise in the number of creditors offering loans through mobile phone platforms. And with it alot of Kenyans finally had access to quick loans. Between November 2018 and March 2019, mobile lending firms disbursed a total of Sh112 billion to Kenyan borrowers. In 2019, Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) data showed that requests for loan repayment reports by banks from credit reference bureaus (CRB) almost tripled to 12.40 million, a 181.1 percent rise from 2018.

Data from Google indicates that throughout 2019, Kenyans sought to find out whether they had been listed for defaulting on loans.

7. How to get a baby boy

In many African communities, baby boys are valued more than the girls. Which would be evident in the search as more and more Kenyans sought to find out the magic trick to getting that male heir. The most searches on how to get a baby boy were conducted between November 10-16, 2019. Unfortunately due to the high demand for baby boys, Pumwani Maternity Hospital was on the spot not just for selling new borns but also pricing boys higher than their female counterparts. Boys were allegedly sold at Sh10,000 while girls fetched Sh 5,000.

6. How to be successful in life

It’s everyone’s aim to succeed in life and achieve their dreams, a desire that informed this search query. The most searches were done between December 1-7, perhaps as a result of the pressure of the year ending without achieving one’s goals.

5. How to drive a manual car

Kenyans sought to learn how to drive through the internet!

This query borders on being hilarious. As manual transmission vehicles are slowly been phased out, the ability to drive them is considered a feat unlike the common automatic transmission vehicles. In fact some will associate automatic transmission cars with women because they are way easier to drive while men are applauded for driving manly manual transmission cars. But the most interesting element of this search is how many Kenyans sought to learn how to drive through the internet!

4. How to make money

“Do what you love and the money will follow,” a popular saying goes. But with unemployment on a steep rise and Kenya’s agricultural exports dropping, times have gotten tougher for many Kenyans. With diminishing access to credit for businesses and the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) missing revenue targets, it is a clear indication businesses are not making enough money. In the first three quarters of 2019, the value of tea, coffee and horticultural exports declined by 23 per cent, 10 per cent and 9 per cent respectively. Graduands are lining the streets with placards looking for jobs while businesses are retrenching employees due to dwindling revenue. This could inform the need for Kenyans to look for ways to make money. 

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All the same, if the internet had all the answers on making money, then every millennial would be rich, wouldn’t they?

3. How to start a business

Members of public line up in Nakuru to apply for the e-passport on June 12, 2019.

From Google’s search data, it is evident more Kenyans are seeking to start their own businesses.  However, it’s not smooth sailing for start-ups. According to a 2016 survey by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), half of small enterprises die within their first year. In five years, around 2.2 million micro and small enterprises closed down. Some of the factors attributed to the alarming failure of start-up include lack of skills, poor marketing, focusing on competition among others.

2. How to apply for a passport

Last year, the government announced the introduction of a new e-passport, initially declaring that the old passports would be invalid beginning September 2019. The announcement saw the process of acquiring the new passport turn into a nightmare as Kenyans were forced to spend hours queuing at Nyayo House, Nairobi. These chaos prompted President Uhuru Kenyatta to extend the deadline to March 2020.  On February 24, the government once again extended the deadline to March 1. 2021. The directive on the e-passport saw many Kenyans turn to the web in a bid to find out more on the application process.

1. How to file returns using P9 form

Filing tax returns took the cake for the most searched ‘how to’ phrase of 2019.  May 12 to 18 2019 witnessed the most search queries, a month to the deadline set by the Kenya Revenue Authority(KRA)  on June, 30.