Muthoni Drummer Queen [Photo: @muthonidrummerqueen]

The founder of Blankets and Wine, Muthoni Ndonga better known as Muthoni Drummer Queen (MDQ), has spoken on the inspiration behind her latest jam dubbed Power.

According to the Nai Ni YaWho hit-maker, she wanted to empower women and help them break the rules and boundaries set by society.

Muthoni Drummer Queen [Photo: @muthonidrummerqueen]

Speaking to Betty Kyallo on March 6 2020, the artist, who was raised in Dagoretti said that society does not acknowlede women’s effort and the contribution they make.

Power is really important in documenting the contribution of women; I feel that this is the one area that history completely refuses to change. The things that women do to advance society whether it’s in the political sphere, economic, socially, sports, they don’t get recorded with the depth of the weight of what they’ve done, stated the singer.

Muthoni Drummer Queen [Photo: @muthonidrummerqueen]

Muthoni went ahead to give an example of a scene in the song which is a recreation of the 1992 standoff between mothers of political prisoners and the police.

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“That was an important moment in the democracy of Kenya, this is what made people get on the streets and demand for a different type of country. When history is recorded, the names of those women are not said in the same breath like Tom Mboya or Bildad Kaggia and I’m not saying this is a competition, I’m just saying history should record with accuracy the contribution of women.”

Muthoni Drummer Queen [Photo: @muthonidrummerqueen]

MDQ posed a challenge to all the women in Kenya to continue what was started by other women in the past.

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“The contribution of women is immense and I just think that right now, as this generation of women who have inherited everything that we have, it is because of women who broke the ceiling for us. Now it’s us to break that ceiling for the next generation of women,” she said.

Muthoni Drummer Queen [Photo: @muthonidrummerqueen]

Celebrating 11 years as the founder of Blankets and Wine, Muthoni said she would love see the event held in different countries in Africa.

 Muthoni also revealed that she is dating someone, adding that they have been together for the past 7 years.

On 29 February 2020, the celebrated Hip-Hop rapper won the 'Best Artiste' at the Swizz Music Awards in Switzerland.