Obinna with his family [Photo: Instagram @ogaobinna]

Sacrifices have to be made for successful fatherhood, this is according to comedian Obinna Ike Igwee aka Oga Obinna.

Dropping his two cents on how men should take on parenting and why they should put aside their ego, Obinna stated that fatherhood should be enjoyed.

Obinna explained that men should act right, take up responsibility and shun retrogressive habits of abandoning partners after siring children.

“If you enjoyed making them, you should also enjoy raising them. Boychild, am I talking sense? Don't just c*m and go. It won't be easy, however, especially if you have a baby mama or baby mamaz. Sacrifices have to be made.

"These are two different people, with two different mindsets and two different types of ego. Stay strong for your seed. The kids are innocent,” wrote the comedian.

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Introducing his four children to his followers in a separate Instagram post, he noted that he prides in each moment with them and thanked God for the continued provision.

“My County Representatives; Luironne, Brianna, Damilola and Adason. This is why I'm blessed. I take care of them and many others in orphanages who aren't related to me and God really does 'revenge' by taking care of me too. Father Abraham.

Obinna [Photo: Instagram @ogaobinna]

“I love the fact that my children are crazy like their father. I currently have four kids, one boy and three girls that I have confirmed. They are funny, hardworking and intelligent. I absolutely love coming home they always run shouting daddy and give the best hugs. It really is the best feeling ever.

“I also love playing with my kids, a lot of parents have kids but they never really get their hands dirty and play with their kids, and when you do that is how you get to know your child’s personality and character, and get to bond with them. My kids and I are close to the point they tell me things that they do not tell even their mom or teacher,” he explained during an interview with Eve Magazine.

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Despite the four having different mothers, the half-Nigerian star reiterated that he get along with his baby mamas and accords all his children the same opportunities.

“You just have to man up and most importantly understand that when all is said and done, a child is always innocent and that they must always be protected. I love all my children and take care of all of them.

“It is not easy dealing with different adult personalities, but I have also come to learn that nobody in this world is perfect and that we all deserve grace, that is why I always put the child first, even if we have a disagreement with the mother, I make sure that the child is not exposed to it or made to suffer for it. It is all about unconditional love, balance and being considerate.”