MCA Trickyand Rue Baby [Photo: @mcatricky]

Popular Churchill Show comedian, Francis Munyao better known as MCA Tricky has called out bloggers who claimed that he was involved in an accident with Agrrey Dion Okello alias Rue Baby.

This comes after an online publication published a story stating that MCA Tricky and Rue Baby had been involved in a grizzly accident.

“Comedian, MCA Tricky, Rue Baby and three others were involved in a grizzly car crash in Kikopey according to a report from the traffic police. The report states that the comedian was driving at a high speed when he lost control of the vehicle, went off the road and rolled down several times" read part of the story.

Speaking with SDE on Tuesday, Tricky said that yesterday, when he checked out of the Radio Maisha studio he noticed lots of missed calls from family and friends.

MCA Tricky [Photo: @mcatricky]

When he got to answer one phone call, the caller inquired whether he was alright, thinking he had been involved in a road accident.

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Kitu naweza sema kuhusu hawa ma-blogger, and all the bloggers in the country, wote,” MCA said. “In as much wanatuafuta unga, sometimes wanafaa kufikiria the other side of the story.”

Kuandikia msee story ya uongo, especially a tragic story,haikuwangi fiti.”

MCA Tricky [Photo: @mcatricky]

The Radio Maisha host went on to add that the article, which said he was drunk during the 'accident' has ruined his brand as there are people who actually believed the fake news.

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He went on to stress that bloggers should be professional and call the subject of a story confirm any rumour.

“So kama jana, ilikuwa imeandikwa nimepata accident na Rue Baby, mama yake Akothee sijui ako wapi anaanza kuwa na wasi-wasi because hio time Rue alikuwa class anapigiwa hapick.You can imagine and they know an accident can happen any time, so ukisikia mtu amepata an accident, it is very believable; because an accident is very possible,” MCA Tricky said.

MCA Tricky [Photo: @mcatricky]

Tricky said he is looking for the author of the article so he can take legal action against them.

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