Njeri Gachomba alias Njambi.

After delivering her first child, popular Real House Helps of Kawangware actress Njeri Gachomba alias Njambi was certain having her second child would be a piece of cake and was looking forward to the experience.

To her surprise, her second delivery was more intense and scarier than she could have ever imagined.  

Narrating her birth experience on her YouTube channel, Njambi explained that she was way past her due date and labour had to be induced.

“I was dilated 10cm.  The passage was ready, I was ready but the baby had refused to come out so they had to induce me. I was in so much pain. From 1: am to 2: am as we waited for the child to come out, I had cried, undressed and pulled my hair. I can’t forget because I kept looking at the time. That’s why they tell you to do hairstyle that will not allow you to access to your hair when delivering,” she said.

Horrifying experience

The actress explained that the pain was so intense, she started begging the nurse to book her in for a Caesarean Section. Luckily, she didn’t give in.

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“It got to a point I started begging the nurse for a CS. Yet I was 10cm dilated because the pain was unbearable.

Njeri Gachomba alias Njambi.

“When I finally got to push, the head came out first and I relaxed before he was completely out so he was chocked. When he came out he was too tired and wasn’t moving. For five minutes, he just lay there not doing anything. That was the scariest time of my life,” she continued.

Njambi says she cried her heart out while praying that her newborn son wakes up as the child was being attended to.

“I started crying as the nurses put him on oxygen and tried to resuscitate. For five minutes he wasn’t doing anything. I was imagining pushing all this human out and then……”

Awiti’s message

Fellow actress Awiti who is also a parent joined in urging pregnant women to pray for their unborn babies’ lives because childbirth is a scary and unpredictable experience.

“To all ladies, the moment you learn you are pregnant, start praying. Childbirth is not easy. It is a life and death situation. You are not guaranteed. Because not everyone that goes to the hospital to give birth comes back home with a child so be very prayerful,” she said.