Susumila and Governor Joho.

Coast-based singer Yusuf Kombo popularly known as Susumila, has revealed intimate details about his son. The 37-year-old father of three disclosed that he named his son after Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho.

Susumila, who welcomed a son three months ago, revealed that he has known governor Joho for a long time and therefore, he sees him as a father.

“My son is three months old and I have named him after Governor Joho. I have known Joho for a very long time and he has been like a dad to me. My dad passed away and Joho ndiye baba niliyebaki naye duniani” he said.

Shading more light into their relationship, Susumila at some point revealed that the governor has ‘come through’ for him countless times.

“The Governor has really helped us a lot. Personally, I can’t tell you for sure he has helped me financially and there are still other projects we are working on. My video for ‘Warembo’ featuring Lavalava was sponsored by the governor. We spent over a million for the video and I did not contribute a coin. He also sponsored Masauti’s song ‘Dondosha’ featuring Lavalava. In fact, any time you hear the phrase 001 in a song just know that he sponsored the works in that particular music.” he said.

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Tracing their ties from the year 2005, Susumila also revealed that governor also funded his new project with Tanzanian artiste Mbosso titled 'Sonona'.

"The project was like Sh1.3 million and Joho funded all of it. Music production is expensive," he said.

Susumila and Governor Joho.

Revealing how the collaboration came to be, Susumila said that it was Joho who prompted him to ask for a collaboration from Mbosso.

"He came to a show and Joho asked me to talk to him so we can do something together. It was easy working with Mbosso but also hard for me to fit into the Bongo vibe cause I'm used to a whole different thing," Susumila said.

During the same interview, the 'Hidaya’ hitmaker also revealed that he has been friends with Joho for over 15 years.

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"We are friends and he knows my potential and that's why he supports me. I have been with him since 2005 when he was campaigning for a Member of Parliament seat," he said.

"I'm a loyal friend and I don't campaign for anyone other than him. I believe in him and I believe in his ideologies."

Recently, when comedian Jalang’o took to social media to share details of one Levis Otieno Rabah; a determined schoolboy who reported to Kanga High School, Migori County, with a metal box, two bars of soap, and no school fees, governor Joho pledged and delivered Sh253,000 contribution through Susumila.

“Mimi bwana nimetumwa hapa na Gavana wa Mombasa nilete mzigo wake. Mzigo uko hapa,” said Susumila as he handed the bundle of cash to Jalang’o. Elated, Jalang'o responded, “Governor, mali yako imefika, tunashukuru sana.”