Ms Zamzam Mohamed, a Mombasa politician, comforts the children of Ruth Mavete who was brutally killed by her husband, Peter Mukundi on Saturday night.

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A man has killed his wife by slitting her throat, accusing her of cheating on him with a richer man.

Peter Mukundi slit the throat of his wife of over 20 years Ruth Mavete Mutiso at 1 am on Saturday and fled the house inMbuyuni village in Likoni, Mombasa County.

Mukundi’s body was later found in a thicket at the Mama Ngina waterfront on Sunday morning.

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The couple had five children.

Reports indicate that Mukundi had quarrelled with his wife on Thursday, accusing her of being escorted home late in the night by another man.

Burnt clothes

The furious husband then reportedly burnt his wife’s clothes and disappeared on Thursday only to return at 11 am on Friday carrying two new mattresses and a sharpened machete. At this point, he appeared friendly and calm.

Ruth Mavete’s sister, Jane Mutiso, said it was unusual for her brother-in-law to buy two mattresses while he could not afford food and school fees for the five children who depended on their mother who ran a tailoring shop. Mukundi was jobless.

The late Ruth Mavete.

Later, Mavete’s lifeless body lay on one of the new mattresses. “I received the shocking news of my sister’s killing at 1 am on Saturday. Her throat was slit and her face slashed. She died on the new mattress,” said Ms Mutiso yesterday.

Likoni police boss, Jane Munyoki, said Mukundi quarrelled with his wife before slashing her on the head and back with a machete, killing her instantly.

Police were looking for Mukundi when they found his body.

“The family has confirmed that the body which was found at Mama Ngina drive is of Mukundi who disappeared from his house after murdering his wife following a domestic dispute,” said Munyoki.

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The OCPD said that although police suspect that Mukundi committed suicide after killing his wife, investigations have been launched.

Among the family members the police want to help in investigations include the couple’s elder daughter who was present during the incident.

Couple had quarrelled

“We have launched investigations into the matter to find out what happened, but preliminary investigations indicate the couple had a quarrel over something we will know after recording statements from the daughter,” said the police boss.

Mavete’s friend, Jackline Mwende said that the couple’s children said their father returned home after the quarrel carrying two new mattresses, one for him and his wife and another for them.

They said their father later attacked their mother with the machete and that the attack happened so fast she only managed to scream once.

A village elder, Ali Mohamed, said he did not know of any differences in the family but noted that Mavete usually operated her business until late in the evening. “She was hardworking and always assisted locals girls with training in tailoring. She passed by my home even the night she died,” he said.