Milly and Terrence [Photo: Instagram @terencecreative]

Popular Kenyan comedian Terence Creative alias Kamami has opened up on his highly publicised 2019 affair.

Explaining how the cheating scandal rocked his marriage in an interview with K24, Terrence narrated that the revelation hit hard and hurt his wife of seven years, Milly Chebet.

Terrence said that he admitted to Chebet that he erred and profusely apologized to her for the infidelity.

“I felt so bad. Nilikaa chini nikaona nimekumess because I have even dragged you in this thing yenye hufai kua. Na si ni bibi yangu venye unatetea bwanako si pia yeye ananitetea hivyo? It is so sad that society is making it the other way. You don’t wake up and wrap up seven years," said Terence.

He pointed out that he is grateful that his wife purposed to give the relationship another shot and noted that his betrayal redirected his path on fame and marriage. 

"There is one thing I respect about Chebet. A lot of people that have been involved with whatever was happening, they have been involved with Terence Creative. Chebet has been here for Lawrence Mwangi Macharia.

“When I was in that corner, gambling, smoking, even when I was ratchet, a chokoraa that nobody would admire - they were not there. I really apologized to her because I betrayed her. I had to slap myself, like, ‘hey buda unapotea’,” he said

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Sharing her side of the story, Chebet revealed that she was aware of the scandal before it became public and at one point saw no purpose in living as it made news, jolted by trolls and body shaming.

"When it happened last year, I was so confused, I almost lost it, literally. I never even saw the purpose of living. Everyone is saying a lie, you can’t even explain the truth, and you can’t give your side of the story. Actually, what was eating me more is the fact that I couldn’t give my side of the story. I was aware of it before it became public, “she said. 


“Right now where we are as a family, and me personally, is that we are using this as a lesson that let us not repeat this,” highlighted Terrence as he underscored how the experience has brought them closer and catapulted their relationship to the future.

“What made me heal or find closure? It is that he spoke the truth; as painful as it were… We are planning so much and hope that it goes as planned,” went on Chebet.

“The best thing is that we forgive each other and ourselves,” he concluded.

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For Milly Chebet, anyone using their relationship to serve 'couple goals' is making a personal decision: “I want to be very categorical if you call us 'couple goals', it is your choice.”

Confirming through his Instagram stories two months ago that he strayed soon after YouTuber Edgar Obare of Bandana News Network aired a confession from the woman said to have been in a relationship with the comic, Terrence noted that it was a lesson learnt.

“Is it true that you cheated on Milly Chebby?” Posed one of his followers to which he responded saying, “Yes I did, through it I’ve learnt my lesson, Milly and I will talk about it someday… Shetani huja kwa njia mingi, ashindwe kabisaa. Akii sitarudia tena. (The devil comes in many ways, God forbid! I swear I will never repeat it again).”