Babu Owino, Dj Evolve and Cliff Ombetta [Photo: Courtesy/Elvis Ogina]

Embakasi East MP Paul Ongili submitted DNA samples as detectives searched for a woman said to be with the legislator during the Friday morning shooting incident.

Police say the woman holds key information to the investigations.

“From the available CCTV clips, we believe the woman has crucial information on what transpired on that night,” said an investigator at the station.

The MP, popularly known as Babu Owino, spent the second night in police custody following his arrest over the shooting of DJ Evolve (Felix Orinda) at B-Club in Kilimani, Nairobi.

At the same time, the Sunday Standard has established that yesterday police escorted the MP to the Government Chemist where samples were taken for DNA testing.

Forensic investigations

The investigators wanted the DNA samples of the MP to test against blood samples collected from the floor of the club and on the Stayer gun said to belong to the legislator.

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They hope to prove whether the MP pulled the trigger through forensic investigations.

Police also formally wrote to the management of the club seeking copies of the CCTV footage of Friday morning.

But even as the police were looking for answers, the DJ's family was still trying to come to terms with the shooting of their son who has since undergone surgery at the Nairobi Hospital.

His father, Johanes Orinda recalled how he got the call at about 9 am on Friday from a doctor, telling him to rush to the hospital immediately.

“The doctor told me my son had been brought to the facility and was very sick.

When I got there, I could not recognise my child.

He looked so frail. I thought I had lost him,” said the Jua Kali trader in Nairobi.

He said the DJ had a hole left by the bullet on the side of his neck, had lost much blood and could barely talk.

Johanes said despite messages that have been going round social media that his 24-year-old son is stable and eating, the DJ is frail and can barely raise his hand.

“That shot was definitely fired to kill him. He could have died. He is a young man.

He started this DJ business just a few years ago and I think that is where he and the politician met,” he said.

He added that the hospital bill has accumulated to more than Sh600,000 and nobody has told him who will pay it, and whether, “our family will have to do it,” he said.

But as the father was monitoring the progress of his son at hospital, a second group of investigators yesterday raided the MP’s Nairobi residence MP in search of bullets, guns and records relating to his gun.

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85 bullets

At least 85 bullets were recovered from the MP’s Kileleshwa home yesterday.

Kilimani Police Chief Lucas Ogara said the MP was a licensed gun holder.

Kilimani DCI has also written to the Firearm Licensing Board seeking details of the MPs firearm.

This is after they failed to recover his firearm license even after they visited his house.

Yesterday, the club’s Security Manager George Otieno and a waiter recorded statements with the police over the shooting.

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Otieno’s statement narrates how he was called to the bar after the DJ was shot twice in the neck.

A waiter told the police that the MP and four other people arrived at the club shortly after midnight.

The DJ and the MP were seen sharing drinks and having a good time.

Another police source attributed the shooting of the DJ to a joke gone bad.

By yesterday the club was still sealed off as a crime scene.