Susumila, Governor Joho and Jalang'o [Photo: Instagram]

On Tuesday January 14, comedian Jalango underpinned a Facebook post that changed a child’s life forever.

Taking to Instagram that day, Jalang'o highlighted the case of Levis Otieno Rabah; a determined schoolboy who reported to Kanga High School, Migori County, with a metal box, two bars of soap, and no school fees.

“We will do a complete Form One shopping and pay his school from Form One to Form Four. If anyone has the Principal Number to please share in the DM,” pleaded the media personality as he reached out on his page.

Jalang'o [Photo: @jalangoo]

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Within hours, Kenyan's collective spirit shone as a Paybill number was issued for good Samaritans to chip in including a giant retailer that came forward with a term-worth of shopping.

It did not end there. The following day, he approached some of the societal bigwigs such as the Governor of Mombasa, Hassan Ali Joho who promised to pay Rabah’s school fees for his entire high school years.

Hassan Joho [Photo: @joho_001]

“Tupatie yeye tena kidogo ya kuendeleza maisha yake mbele.” Joho continued, “Because some of us have struggled our way through education. I’m one of those people who had to work and pay my own school fees nikiwa kule Serani. 

“Sasa Mungu akinipa uwezo wa kusaidia mwengine, I will happily do so and pray that the others Mungu awafungulie njia they don’t have to go through what we went through,” said Governor Joho passionately during the comedian's show on Milele FM.

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Well, on Friday, January 17, Joho honoured the pledge and delivered his Sh253,000 contribution through coast based star Susumila.  

“Mimi bwana nimetumwa hapa na Gavana wa Mombasa nilete mzigo wake. Mzigo uko hapa,” said Susumila as he handed the bundle of cash to Jalang’o. Elated, Jalang'o responded, “Governor, mali yako imefika, tunashukuru sana.” 

Susumila went on to reveal that Governor 001- as he is fondly known, spent Sh1.3 million on his song Sonona.





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