A Kenya Navy vessel.

Four fishermen who were lost at sea have accused the Kenya Navy of refusing to rescue them nine days into the 17-day ordeal.

Speaking to Citizen TV, the boat’s captain Malik Mbwana claimed that the navy officers they came across patrolling the Indian Ocean also denied them water or food.

Narrating the ordeal, Mbwana recalled that setting out on December 9, it seemed like any other normal day. However, matters went downhill after running into strong winds.

 “We came across strong winds and rain. Our fuel supply ran out in the middle of the ocean and we were disoriented. The next morning, we had no clue of where we were,” he said.

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With no fresh water and food, the fishermen were forced to eat dried raw fish and drink salt water to survive.

Shattered hope

According to the captain, after around nine days drifting at sea, their hopes were raised after spotting a Kenya Navy vessel patrolling the deep seas.

However, their joy was short-lived.

“We requested them to give us some food or water but they declined,” he claimed.

After 17 days in the Indian Ocean, the boat’s crew found themselves near Ngomeni village at around 3 am.

The four were rushed to the Malindi Sub-County Hospital for medical attention and were later discharged and reunited with their families.

KOT React

Following the damning claims, Kenyans on Twitter took on Kenya Navy. While some

The navy is yet to respond to the allegstions.