Khaligraph Jones and King Kaka [Photo: Courtesy]

Rapper Khaligraph Jones of the Mazishi fame has offered to be King Kaka’s bodyguard for two weeks following the latter’s thunderous Wajinga Nyinyi hit.

According to Khaligraph, King Kaka –real name Kennedy Tarriq Ombima- has been offered several guarantees including a battery of lawyers,  save for his personal security.

Khaligraph explained that he has hit the gymnasium and is awaiting the rapper’s call should he require his 24-hour services.

“Gathee naona ushapata support from lawyers, human rights activists, keyboard warriors, politicians etc imebaki tu security, sai niko gym. Ntakuchunga 24 hours for the next two weeks for free. Just let me know when you need me for that,” stated Khaligraph.

Touted as one of Kenya’s illest rappers, Khaligraph worked as a bouncer before he went mainstream with his talent, having started rapping when he was in class 5, thanks to his older brother Span Kob.

“Alianza kuenda gym na kuinua mawe uko Kayole. He started doing those jobos for security in clubs. That’s where he started from coz, you know, ata yeye lazima angekuwa na kitu ya kujilea nayo,” said Span KOB.

The camaraderie shown by Kenyan artists following the release of Wajinga Nyinyi on December 14 is commendable; the controversy surrounding the song notwithstanding.

When he appeared at the DCI on Tuesday 17, King Kaka was flanked by his lawyer and a bevvy of personalities including singer Wahu, Juliani and Boniface Mwangi among others.

Claiming to have been summoned by the DCI, King Kaka was turned away after the directorate distanced itself from the call and urged him to desist from using it to gain publicity.