The body was buried in a pit latrine at their Marani home in Kisii County [Photo: Eric Abuga]

On Wednesday last week at around 7 am, Jessica Moraa woke up from her home in Nyamariba village in Marani Sub-County, Kisii, and prepared breakfast for her four children.

A few hours later she disappeared. Two suspects were arrested: Moraa’s husband and her co-wife.

On Wednesday afternoon this week, exactly a week after Moraa disappeared, police drove into her compound, where after a six-hour search, they found her body.

It was buried inside a pit latrine about a few metres away from the family house.

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Villagers braved the chilly weather, milling around the home on top of a hill, to witness as Moraa’s body was retrieved.

As police carried away the body, Moraa’s five-year-old daughter cried uncontrollably.

Reports indicate that the body would not have been found had a suspect not spilled the beans. The suspect reportedly told police how the killing was carried out and how the body was buried.

As police carried away the body, Moraa’s five-year-old daughter cried uncontrollably [Photo: Eric Abuga]

Then neighbours and relatives helped piece together what might have happened. They recalled hearing about a family fight on the morning that Moraa disappeared.

A close family member told The Standard that, two weeks ago, one suspect had tried to get police officers from Rioma Police station to arrest Moraa.

At the time, Moraa was staying in a rental house at Chepilait market, Nyamira County.

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She had moved out of her marital home more than six months ago but is said to have returned two weeks ago.

A week later, she was dead.

Police are still trying to piece together Moraa’s last moments and the motive of the killing. For now, two suspects are in custody, as investigations into the killing unfold.

“They will be arraigned as soon as we conclude our investigations,” said County Commander Martin Kibet.