Tedd Josiah with late wife Regina Katar [Photo: Instagram @teddjosiah]

Music producer Tedd Josiah has opened up on his last moments with late wife Regina Katar.

In a message he posted on his page on her anniversary, Josiah revealed that Katar was jovial shortly before she passed away in October 2017.

Josiah narrated that she cooked rice and chicken for dinner and was fully engaged as they watched a movie with their daughter, Jameela Wendo alias Jay Jay, after the meal.

However, at 3 am, all hell broke loose.

According to the Blu Zebra CEO, Katar complained of a severe headache but when the situation got worse after taking painkillers, he rushed her to hospital.

She fell asleep at the unnamed facility and never woke up again.

“Friday 7:30 pm dinner at home with mama and Jay Jay she’d cooked rice and chicken and was happy beyond words. Then a movie, as Jay Jay slept between us on the couch. After the film, we went to bed and she’d talked right thru the movie! 3 am as she breastfed she complained that heat head hurt, took meds and threw them up. So we dashed to hospital and she fell asleep and never woke up again,” said Josiah.

Tedd Josiah with late wife Regina Katar [Photo: Courtesy]

He added that news that she had passed hit him hard, immediately.

“5 am Jay Jay and I sat in my car confused lost and alone. She’d just gone like that. No child should ever be without a mother! NO CHILD! My friend u were magic, rest cause every Friday it plays back in my head...But broken crayons still paint so I will paint,” added the producer.

Tedd Josiah, in the same vein, noted that there is no healing from grief.

“What is grief like? Well it’s like the waves of an ocean sometimes they are high sometimes low but you're guaranteed they will hit. What causes them? Memories, jolts of confusion, uncertainty and moments of self-doubt all play roles in this. How long does it take to heal? U don’t heal u just learn to walk with the limp,” stated Josiah.

Then aged 26, Regina Katar, was laid to rest at Ihururu village in Nyeri, three months after welcoming their first child, Jay Jay.

Earlier this year, he revealed that he does not intend re-marry or even date again.

“I am settled, I don’t need anyone. Right now, my focus is JJ and bringing someone new into her life will destabilize her. She is still young to understand what is going on and I’m very sensitive about that,” said Josiah.