Junet Mohammed and Oscar Sudi.

Suna East MP and National Assembly Minority Whip Junet Mohammed has claimed that Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi was chased away from Kibra during the ongoing by-election.

While addressing the press, Junet claimed that Sudi, alongside his Mumias East counterpart Benjamin Washiali fled from Kibra residents at Lindi Mosque polling station.

Junet further claimed that police officers stationed at the polling station were not only dissuading residents from voting, but also allowing for voter bribery.

“I'm from Lindi Mosque polling station and I found four policemen stationed there dressed in plainclothes who are not part of this election.

“They have been there since 4 am in the morning and they’re not from Nairobi. That's one of the reasons we have been complaining that IEBC cannot do a proper job; they (the police) have been telling people not to vote and allowing voters to be bribed at the gate,” said Junet.

The outspoken politician father alleged that Sudi was chased away by angry residents after helping the policemen in turning away voters.

Chased like dogs

“Oscar Sudi and Benjamin Washiali came there and they were chased away like dogs because they were helping those policemen to do what they are doing.

“Oscar Sudi had to jump through the fence because Kenyans have refused this culture of bribery and stealing elections.”

According to Junet, ODM party candidate Imran Okoth is assured of clinching the hotly contested seat left open following the death of Ken Okoth.

“Whatever happens we're assured of a win. We’re just highlighting how IEBC is not prepared for an election,” he concluded.

Jubilee Party's McDonald Mariga and ODM's Imran Okoth.

Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo had earlier on claimed that some names were missing from the voter registry while urging Kibra residents to arrest anyone issuing bribes.

“If you find anybody with money looking to bribe, it's your right to make a citizen arrest because the police are not everywhere,” he said.

Amollo's call comes hours after Lang'ata CDF committee member James Kipkorir was arrested for allegedly bribing voters at Mashimoni in Kibra Constituency.

Khalwale chased away

Earlier on, former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale was chased away by rowdy residents soon after arriving at the Kibra Laini Saba ward.

In a video, Khalwale, an ardent McDonald Mariga campaigner, is seen walking as rowdy residents follow him behind while throwing stones and hurling insults at him.

The seat is widely viewed as a two-horse race pitting ODM's Imran Okoth against Jubilee Party's McDonald Mariga.