Stephen Oteino [Photo: Instagram @stivosimpleboy]

Earlier this year, Stephen Otieno alias Stevo Simple Boy rose to fame after reintroducing his hit song Vijana Tuache Mihadarati to Kenyans. Ever since, he became an internet sensation, featuring on several local shows.

During an interesting interview with Betty Kyallo, Stevo, who grew up in Oyugis in Homa Bay County,  opened up sleeping hungry and dropping out of school for lack of money.

“Kupata karo ya kuenda shule ilikuwa ngumu sana; ma-time pia tulilala njaa, hakuna chakula tunapata. So ikipatakina tunakula, iki kosekana tunapenya tu hivyo. Niliachia class 8 juu karo haikuwa ya school fees saa ikabidi niachia hapo," said Stevo, revealing that  he hails from a family of eight siblings.

According to Stevo, he lost one sibling while growing up, with his parents being supportive of all his endeavouurs.

Comparing his hometown and Nairobi, he confessed to loving Nairobi due to the abundance of opportunities.

Stephen Oteino [Photo: Instagram @stivosimpleboy]

Odd jobs

In order to make ends meet, the rapper revealed that he once worked as at a construction site saying "kazi ilikuwa ngumu.”

Speaking on his musical journey, Stevo said it started way back during music festivals as his teachers assured him of his talent. He also sang in church even though the they weren’t big fans of Hip-Hop genre, they supported his gift.

“Hata nikikosa church, watu wanalia,” he joked.

Ukimwi was his first song before Vijana Tuache Mihadarati as he wanted to educate on absitence and the use of protection. 

Stephen Oteino [Photo: Instagram @stivosimpleboy]

Asked about negative press reports since gaining fame, Stevo said that he knew there are some people who wish bad on others.

“But mi husema kuwa kila mtu ni muhimu hapa dunia. Usi-judge mtu,” Stevo said. Despite having educational and entertaining songs, he confessed that the income isn’t that much.

Stevo further said that he looks up to Khaligraph Jones and would love to collabo with the rapper  as he admires his rap flow.