I grew up in home where lying would get you a thorough beating. Be honest. That is what my parents used to say. Well I took that and ran with it. Up until when now, as an adult, that I discovered that people do not really like being told the truth. See, when your friend starts liking this dude and she asks you what you think about him, she wants you to affirm her choice and say good things about him.

But is this really honest? You know this dude, he parties a little bit too much, he takes flirting a bit too far and is known to hook with random girls. You want to be honest and say all these things to your buddy, but what do you do? You say he’s okay, hydrate, moisturize and mind your business. Because life as an adult has taught you that, nothing good comes out of being brutally honest. Yes, people don’t like getting lied too they also don’t want you to be honest with them. Ironical, isn’t it? Sometimes I wish I stayed a kid forever and I wouldn’t have to deal with all these complexities of being an adult.

That’s why I like kids. Kids are pure, they are naïve, they are learning and the one thing they have in them is honesty. Which can be refreshing but also brutal to your ego as an adult.

Something else that kids have, is simplicity. They don’t like the food you are giving them; they will not eat it. Simple. They are feeling sick; they will tell you where it aches. Simple. They feel bad when something happens to them like if their friend refuses to share a toy, they will cry. Simple. They want to appreciate you for buying them a treat, they will say thank you and maybe even give you a hug and move on. Simple.

So when Safaricom announced that they were committing to being simple, transparent and honest, I thought to myself, well that reminds me of someone, 5-year-old me. The long and short version is, as Safaricom turned 19 a couple of weeks ago, they looked at what their customers were telling them. Customers wanted to know where their talk time minutes and bundles were going to. They wanted to know how to access these services in a short and simple manner. Now what they are telling their subscribers is that they have listened and they have learnt. They are going to be simple in how they relate with you, they reach out to you, transparent in how they deliver and honest in what they say to you.

What this means for Safaricom customers is that, all their services will be accessible via *100# and *544#. SIMPLE. They will also ensure that every time you reach out to them, on whatever platform, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, phone call, their shops, you name it, they are going to attend to you in 5 minutes or less. That would be a first because those long queues at Safaricom shops are honestly exhausting and anything can happen when queueing, like someone trying to recruit you into a pyramid scheme. This happened to me. I kid you not. Hehe. That joke just wrote itself.

Anyway, thank you Safaricom for listening to us. I really hope you will keep your promise.