Ezekiel Mutua [Photo: Instagram @dr.ezekielmutua]

Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) CEO, Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, on Friday, November 1, continued his war with Gengetone group, Ethic Entertainment.

The self-proclaimed moral policeman took to Facebook to post a lengthy rant as he wants Ethic’s new song, Tarimbo to be taken down by Google.

“I have spoken to Google to take down the damn crap called Tarimbo by Ethic Entertainment which advocates for rape of women. Promoting violence against women is criminal,” he wrote.

“The DCI should arrest the entire bunch of musicians called Ethic, under Article 33, for going beyond the prescribed delimitations on freedom of expression by advocating for violence against women.” Mutua ranted.

Ethic Entertainment [Photo: Instagram @ethicentertainment]

Mr Mutua went ahead to say that the group were not artistes but demented circus thugs hiding behind art to promote indecency and immorality.

He then asked Deejays not to play Wamlambez or Tarimbo, and that no club should allow music that advoctaes for violence against women.

“Unless decent people rise against the wave of immorality in Kenya, we are going to lose a generation in the name of creative freedom. No freedom is absolute. This time round we must draw the line!” He concluded.

The outburts received mixed reactions from Kenyans as some didn’t agree with Ezekiel Mutua.