Jalang'o and his wife [Photo: Instagram @alex_mwakideu]

Radio Host Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o has left the bachelors' club after he introduced his wife to the world on social media.

The Milele FM presenter took to social media to reveal his new bride to his fans in a very cunning manner.

“Jaber is Jaber,” his caption said, leaving many fans and friends buzzing with congratulation messages.

Jalang'o's wife [Photo: Instagram @jalangoo]

“Congratulations heavy J. Wow she is beautiful. You have indeed found a good thing,” Catherine Kamau alias Kate Actress commented.

Mohammed Ali Said alias Official Masauti also replied  also replied “Wallai my father niko happy sana. Mungu akutunzie sana.“

“Alilililililili happy for you brother. She's gorgeous.” Betty Kyallo said.

“Congratulations jalangoo ni mrembo. All the best.” One of his fans, Albo, wrote.

Jalang'o, Mwakideu and Co. [Photo: Instagram @alex_mwakideu]

On Saturday, October 26, the comedian cum media personality hosted family and friends to celebrate his traditional wedding.

Among the invited guests were his radio co-host, Alex Makideu, Big Ted, Ben Kangangi among others.

This came as a surprise to many but he is indeed out of the bachelors' club.