Tina Kaggia, DNA,Dj Stylez and Madtraxx [Photo: Courtesy]

The Kardashian clan is arguably one of the most recognizable celebrity families ever to take on the show business world.

They have all lived under the constant glare of the public and perhaps overshadowed other siblings such as Kate and Pippa Middleton, Jaden and Willow Smith, Beyoncé and Solange Knowles, Gigi and Bella Hadid with their opulence and glamour.

Whilst Kenya is at its infancy in entertainment, it has too had its share of blood relations taking a stab at the allure of glory and fame.

Many have, however, kept their family connections a little quieter and even though they have come out time and again to acknowledge each other, not so many people know that the following Kenyan celebrities share the same family tree.

Madtraxx and Dj Stylez

DJ Stylez is the elder brother of Madtraxx and is considered by many as one of Kenya’s pioneer DJs to hit the mainstream jackpot with his Code Red outfit.  

While Madraxx did not take the turntable route, he reigns supreme with the likes of Mejja and Kid Kora under the ever-fresh Kansoul group.

Madtraxx and Dj Stylez [Photo: Courtesy]

The two entertainers suffered a huge blow in 2017 after they lost their elder sister, Dr Njeri Muigai.

She was eight months pregnant.

The Code Red bigwig was, however, the best man as the one-third member of Genge rap group wedded his longtime girlfriend, Salma, in 2018.

Bamzigi, Kidkora and Lenana Kariba

Bamzigi - a hip-hop star who a while back made his highly-anticipated comeback in the lyrical video “Form Ni Gani,” has some very famous siblings.

His brother Kid Kora is a member of the wildly- successful Kansoul group while Lenana is a reputable actor known for stellar roles in Changing Times and House of Lungula among others.

Tina Kaggia and DNA

Tina Kaggia made a name for herself at Classic 105 as a mid-morning radio host before switching to 1 FM.

Tina Kaggia and DNA [Photo: Courtesy]

What many do not know is that the voice-over artist and radio presenter is Dennis Kaggia’s younger sister.

Better known as DNA, Dennis Kaggia, belted out mega hits during his prime such as Fimbo and the much-acclaimed Banjuka anthem.

In various interviews, the two have emphasized their support for each other and reiterated that they are not only siblings and peers in the entertainment industry but also best friends.

Scott the violinist and Dj Protégé

Scott Mwangi, or Scott the violinist to his legion of fans, is a multi-talented artist who has gracefully performed for the whose who including Forbes’ Person of the Year.

What you may not know is that the super violinist is DJ Protégé’s brother.

Touted as Kenya’s top electronic music DJ, DJ Protégé started out in campus before making it big with unmatched mixtapes that later saw him form DJ Republic.

Ciku Muiruriand Tony Gachoka

Prolific political activist, strategist and KTN talk show host Tony Gachoka is a man of many firsts.

Tony Gachoka and Ciku Muiruri [Photo: Courtesy]

The fiery media personality made a name for himself in the late ’80s and early ’90s years before his sister Ciku Muiruri hit the airwaves with a bang.

Famed for her Busted segment at Kiss 100, Ciku went above and beyond to carve out a niche for herself in the industry including as a regular columnist on Nation Media Group's Daily Nation.

She is currently promoting her book, Love is But a Dream.

Rufftone and Daddy Owen

While gospel sensation Rufftone of ‘Mwikhulu‘ fame and Daddy Owen uniquely churn out music to different sub-sets in the gospel industry, the two are actually brothers.

Born Roy Smith Mwatia, Rufftone was the first of the two gospel music brothers to achieve greatness.

"The most supportive person was my brother Rufftone, who completely stood by me because my dad was away, working to keep the family going. He was the big brother and he really helped me. He mentored me and my musical journey was inspired by him. Immediately after I was discharged from the hospital, I got saved," said Owen.

Janet and Timothy Mbugua

Former Citizen TV anchor Janet Mbugua Ndichu has a twin brother, Timothy Mbugua.

Eddie, Janet, Paul and Momanyi [Photo: Courtesy]

Coincidentally, Janet’s husband Eddie Ndichu also has a twin brother Paul Ndichu. Paul is married to personality Maureen Momanyi.