Ann Thumbi and Monica.

Deceased Kibra MP Ken Okoth’s widow has rejected the DNA results for a disputed child the former legislator allegedly sired with nominated Nairobi MCA Ann Thumbi.

Monica disputed the DNA test outcome presented in court and instead asked to present different results.

The results, which were presented in court two weeks ago came back positive proving that Okoth was indeed the father of Thumbi’s son.

However, according to Monica’s lawyers, the DNA results she is set to present in court within 14 days’ time are the genuine results.   

Extra-marital affair

Okoth and Thumbi are reported to have had an extra-marital affair which was laid bare by Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko during the deceased’s funeral.

Thumbi and her son were locked out of the service after Monica claimed that he was not Okoth’s son.

The late Ken Okoth dancing in 2015.

However, Okoth’s family is said to be satisfied with the DNA results as they were all privy to Okoth’s son born out of wedlock.

“As a family, we knew about Ken’s son and anybody in the family who will say otherwise will be telling a big lie.

“The family knew very well about Ken’s son even Monica knew about this child so taking DNA samples was just a waste of time since Ken was in full support of his child,” a member of Okoth’s was quoted by a local publication.