Regional Commissioner Paul Makonda (Courtesy)

Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner Paul Makonda has said religious leaders can preach in night clubs in the capital.

According to Makonda, his regular visits to night clubs revealed that Tanzanians have been having fun without observing the existence of God.

He now wants all the night activities in clubs interrupted by a preaching session that will last up to thirty minutes.

Speaking in Kawe in Dar es Salaam, where he attended the Sunday service at a worship centre owned by Apostle Boniface Mwamposa, Mr Makonda also insisted that club owners should comply with the new directive.

“Servants of God who want to preach in night clubs are allowed to do so, at least for half an hour to take the word of God to the citizens. They shouldn’t say they were unaware; follow them there. I don’t expect any objection. Effective from next week, you are allowed to preach for at least 30 minutes in nightclubs,” he said.

He also called on men to stop harassing women, urging them to treat their wives with the dignity they deserve and stop neglecting them. He further proposed that men should also provide care to women immediately after they conceive. 

“Many girls have been abandoned after pregnancy on the grounds that the pregnancies were accidental.” He said.