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When one sees the bubbly TV host Ella Ciiru on TV, the energy she exudes may give off the idea that she has her life all figured out and is living perfectly.

Unfortunately, Ella has had her fair share of disappointments, though she doesn’t wear them on her face, she hasn’t let her grey days define her.

The Nairobi Diaries actress recently revealed she was pregnant but had miscarried due to intense stress.

Narrating her sad story on the Nairobi Diaries new season premiere, Ella explained that she at first didn’t know she was pregnant as she had been on family planning when it happened.

“I did not lose my job, I left because at that time my colleague was pregnant and so was I but I did not know up until I was 2 months. I was on birth control. My man and I were living our best life and there was an injection that did not work. Though I do not blame the doctors that gave me the injection. I blame myself. I was not consistent,” she said.

Finding out she’s pregnant

Since Ella wasn’t expecting to be pregnant she went on with her life and even continued drinking, but as she explains, could not keep it down.

Because she couldn’t instantly stop taking alcohol after finding out she was pregnant, Ella says she weaned herself off it using wine.

“Every time I drunk a shot I just wanted to puke and I trust me I can handle my liquor. When I found out I was pregnant I couldn’t give up alcohol just like that. I started drinking wine and I got the courage to tell my boyfriend and we were happy about it,” she said.

Ella [Courtesy]


Being a catholic, Ella says she does not believe in abortion and so when she lost her baby, she was utterly disappointed.

Ella blamed her miscarriage on the tough times she was going through as she had just lost a close friend.

“I lost my baby because there was a week of intense stress. I lost a friend in the plane crash that happened. There was a lot of stress. I go to the bathroom and I was bleeding. Just to make it clear I am a Catholic so I do not believe in abortion,” she continued.

No support

The Nairobi Diaries actress says she checked into the hospital and was admitted for a few days but no one came to see her.

Adding salt to injury, she was replaced on the show.

“I was going to do the best for my baby. I was in the hospital for a while and no one knew because they found new people for the show. They showed me I do not matter I am replaceable,” she concluded.

Ella [Courtesy]

Leaked nudes

A few months ago, Ella was subjected to social media trolling after her nude pictures and videos were posted online by her now ex-boyfriend.

She says that her ex threatened to post the pictures if she left him and true to his word he did when Ella called it quits.

“Intimate pictures and videos of me are being shared on social media. They were never meant for public distribution. Strictly for a person, I chose to trust.

“A simple story of Girl meets Boy. I fell for him and gave all of me. He ransomed my dignity at 20,000 Shillings and released our intimate communication, knowing that it shall be shared, go viral and become clickbait,” she wrote.