DJ Pierra Makena and her daughter Ricca Pokot.

On 20 July, renowned Kenyan DJ Pierra Makena’s daughter Ricca Pokot turned three.

Through a social media post Dj Pierra recalled the night Ricca was born, terming the labour pain as ‘the worst pain in my life.’

According to Pierra, her water broke while she was walking at The Hub Mall, before being rushed to hospital.

“20th July this time midnight...I was going through the worst pain in my life...(labour) an hour later I was induced and man that damn pain...I was in soo much pain I turned blue black.

“OH did I ever mention that my water broke when I was walking up and down the stairs at the Hub Mall? Anyway, I remember 40 min later when I was in the delivery room the doc asked me to push and I didn't know how to do it...I only knew how to breathe like I had done for the last 24hrs.

“But God’s grace was sufficient and I quickly got the hang of it and puuuushed and boom!

“At exactly 1.45 am I had a beautiful baby girl on my chest…I can't tell where the pain went but I was not in any pain at all! I was just in tears just looking at this human who I own!

“Happy born day Ricca you to death,” she wrote.

Lavish party

Ricca celebrated her third birthday in lavish celebrations at Entim Sidai in Karen, Nairobi.

Here are the photos: