Dan Sonko and his new girlfriend (Photo: Instagram)

Kenyan actor Dan Sonko has been compelled to address those camping on his social media page criticizing his new bae.

Dan, who lost his wife more than two years ago after she developed complications during childbirth made the decision to move on with his life, a choice that did not sit well with a section of his social media followers.

The actor with with late wife (Photo: Instagram)

He recently posted a picture of himself with his new bae Bwire Ndubi which elicited different reactions.

A user by the name ‘Misskhacho’ in particular forced the actor to address his relationship with Bwire after commenting that he had moved on too fast.

“I usually ignore such comments but I will just mention that as much as you be entitled to your opinion, there are areas that you have no jurisdiction… Matters of grieving are different and unique to every individual.

“I loved Dru dearly and it has been over 2 years now. If the time is short for you, then maybe when you go through a similar ordeal, you can chart your own path. Interesting that you say you miss her yet we don’t even know you…but that is beside the point. I have moved on after I have made what matters most. Be well, be blessed and do you,” he said.

The late Dru Sonko (Photo: Instagram)

In an IGTV video on Dan’s Instagram page Bwire is asked how she feels about the online trolling she gets as a result of being in a relationship with Dan Sonko and she responded by saying;

“To be honest, it really doesn’t matter. All that matters is that my life is on the right track. I'm his flower and as they say, every flower needs a rock and he’s my rock.”

Dan and Bwire (Photo: Instagram)

Other followers urged Dan and Bwire to give a deaf ear to critics and concentrate on bringing up his lovely sons.