Kamene Goro [Photo:@kamenegoro]

Former NRGRadio presenter Kamene Goro is in hospital.

Goro was rushed to a city hospital on Wednesday, July 10, in pain after damaging her knee following an accident at a new house she just moved into.

Narrating the incident on Instagram, the ex Breakfast Club host said that she is set to undergo surgery following a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan on the affected area.

“So yesterday I had a pretty unfortunate incident at the house I just moved into. I damaged my knee pretty badly so I came to the hospital last night, ambulance and what not.

"I really struggled with getting an MRI. Pumped with painkillers and I had to get the MRI this morning only for me to be admitted and told that I have surgery tomorrow,” she narrated.

The media personality alongside her radio co-host Andrew Kibe were a week ago served with court orders after their former employer moved to court over breach of contract.

Confirming the suit, Goro lamented that she has been barred from going on air and was at the time confused on how she was supposed to make ends meet.

“Hard work and humanity are two things I pray for. I always pray that God maintains them in me because that’s the best of me. My humanity, my heart and I think my hard work ethic you know. It’s been a pretty tough couple of days.

 “So you know I have been taken to court, it’s now public knowledge, I think all of you guys have seen the story. I have been slapped with an injunction. I’m not supposed to go on air. So what guys, how I’m I supposed to work? Where do I get my living from?” She stated.

Goro and Kibe were reportedly headed to Kiss 100.