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Police in Meru are holding a woman after her husband was killed. Body parts of Joel Kaberia, 45, a butcher, were discovered in a gunny bag at a rental house in Gitimbine, where he lived with his wife and their two-year-old child.

Imenti North Sub-county, Head of Directorate of Criminal Investigations James Githinji said the wife of the deceased, Bridget Gacheri, 22 was picked as the first suspect but police were still pursuing more suspects.

He said Gacheri and some other people had reported the matter of her missing husband at Meru Police Station before the body was discovered in their house.

“We received a case of a missing person which later turned out to be death. The wife while accompanied by the deceased's friends had reported to us that he (Kaberia) was missing,” the officer said.

A slaughter who works with Kaberia said they reported him as a missing person to the police after he missed work and his wife informed them she too did not know of his whereabouts.

“We suspected something sinister and requested the landlord to allow us to break into the house. We discovered his body cut in pieces,” said the source.

A police officer said they also recovered a hacksaw in the room. Neighbours said Kaberia and his wife had been having regular fights.