Left, Wilbroda and Waiguru (Photo: Courtesy)

Former Papa Shirandula actress Wilbroda, real name Jackie Nyaminde, is planning to gatecrash the wedding of Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru and city lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo.

Speaking on Milele FM, Wilbroda said that she is abreast with all the itinerary of the July 13 wedding and plans to witness Governor Waiguru's big day.

“Nguracio yenyu ambayo mnapanga kuifanya itakua pale kanisani. Nimeshajua mpaka venue kwa vile napanga ku gate-crash,” revealed Wilbroda.

The comedienne cum radio presenter listed three things she said the governor needs to keep track of and apply after the ceremony.

“Ukiolewa tu hivi itabidi ungoje miaka mitatu incase things ziende segemnege. Mambo yakienda segemnege itabidi uvumilie hiyo segemnege kwa miaka mitatu,”  noted Wilbroda.

Wilbroda (Photo: Instagram)

She went on to stress the importance of a marriage certificate and urged the Governor Waiguru to ensure she gets one.

“Number two, mkifanya Ngurario, kumbuka kwamba certificate is a must hata kama ni traditional wedding, ni a must. Lazima uende ufanye registration.”

Finishing off, the radio queen used Waiguru as an example in her advice to women who feel they were running out of time and needed to settle down.

According to Wilbroda, it is never is too late to meet a lover or solemnize a union considering that the two; Waiguru and Waiganjo both have grown up children from previous relationships.

“Acheni kukimbilia ndoa ukiona wakati unakupita. Anne Waiguru amepata sabuni ya roho yake ilhali watoto wake ni wakubwa,” she concluded.

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I realised she was a basic girl (Photo: Courtesy)

Governor Waiguru and Waiganjo love story

The two were traveling for a constitutional conference at the coast, consulting for parties negotiating the constitution when they met.

He was impressed at how down to earth she was after they shared a simple meal of bread and Soda, and decided to pursue her further.

“I realised she was a basic girl,” he added.

Waiganjo went down on one knee and proposed to her a few weeks ago at the lavish Lord Eroll hotel in Runda, Nairobi.

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“I was completely surprised. We had not been talking about formalising our relationship so I did not expect it. We had just come from holidays and were celebrating his birthday as we do with close friends every year,” said Waiguru.

She recalls feeling shy and saying yes to the man she describes as very grounded and with deep faith in God.

The couple is set to wed in a Kikuyu traditional ceremony next month, July 13, 2019.

Wedding invite (Photo Courtesy)

The ceremony follows a secret traditional engagement event held on February 16, 2019.