Famous Kenyan music group Ethic, famed for their hit song Lamba Lolo are working on a brand new jam- Figa with Radio presenter Kamene Goro featuring as their video vixen.

This being their first single under their new record label AI Records, the group is definitely bringing their A game.

Ethics (Photo: Courtesy)

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"We are thrilled to join AI Records, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group, Africa, and look forward to making good music and putting Kenya on the global arena,” Ethic's manager, John Mbugua commented on their new venture.

A snippet of a behind the scenes shoot of the music video uploaded on YouTube shows Ethic looking all glammed up with Kamene singing along and enjoying the music.

Kamene (Photo: Courtesy)

The jam dubbed Figa translates to ‘figure’, which means a woman’s curve in slang. It talks of the beauty of a well-endowed woman, and we can see why Kamene fit the role perfectly.