As the famous saying goes, ‘A thief has forty days’, for Christopher Maina and Mary Wangeci their forty days ran out yesterday when they were caught red-handed trying to get away with activist Boniface Mwangi’s backpack.

According to Mwangi, he was enjoying his coffee at a restaurant when he turned to get his phone and found his back pack in the hands of the two culprits. He raised alarm and got the attention of others in the restaurant which led to their arrest.

Boniface raised his voice after seeing his bag with them (Photo: Courtesy)

Christopher and Mary who were taken to Central Police station. There, according to Mwangi, he found out that the two were being sought by police in relation to theft in other restaurants.

Christopher Maina and Mary Wangeci (Photo: Courtesy)

Angry Kenyans took to Twitter to air their sentiments on the issue pointing out that thieves in Nairobi are making residents lives difficult.

Here are some of their comments;