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Some 110 people arrested following a religious brawls in Kiamaiko slums were set free by a Makadara court yesterday after signing an agreement to settle the matter amicably.

On May 17, a group sought Government intervention to stop the other from preaching at night, which saw police confiscate their equipment.

The fights then erupted, causing tension among different ethnic and religious followers. Counsel Ayora Magati told Chief Magistrate Hestone Nyaga they would settle the matter since the accused persons lived in the same estate.

Idris Adan Boro and Konje Chote Mako, representing religious groups, and Kiamaiko Community leader Worke Dawe Woke, signed the agreement.

The leaders noted that actions of their followers caused a serious breach of peace that resulted in death of one person and destruction of property.

They were ordered to hold peace meetings and update Huruma OCS on the same every two weeks for three months.